onsdag 10. februar 2010

This is me singing

Here's a video of me singing Autumn Leaves.
I chose a well known jazz standard to try out my improvation skills.
One of my students last year, Nick, is playing guitar (natural talent!!).
The video is mainly meant for documentation, so the sound quality is not the best, but it's not too bad either:-)
I have sung a lot, but not much has been taped.
So here you go, (if you skip past the first 30 seconds), you will hear what my voice sounds like:-)

Gunhild Sofie

2 kommentarer:

  1. Kjempefint Gunhild. Jeg er sikker paa at du sang allerede da du laa og skvulpet i fostervann, for synge kunne du foer du kunne snakke.


  2. Nyyydelig sunget. En fryd for øret!Klem Marianne B.Slettahjell


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