mandag 12. april 2010

Thin places*

Living in the thin places
These places where I know I can reach out my arm,
and heaven shall reach out for me, meet me
Loving in the thin places
These places where love comes,
and silently crushes my fear
Breathing in the thin places
Even on my knees, the sky is sweaping my neck
- like a warm summer breeze

Time is still 
Crying in the thin places
Now heaven fills my heart, my blood,
my whole body, my soul
Power in the thin places
And I'm flying with no wings
Power to make the best out of things
My senses are in full awareness
Praying in the thin places


* "thin places" - keltisk uttrykk som beskriv stader der himmel og jord møtest
* "thin places" - places where two worlds meet

3 kommentarer:

  1. Det var en veldig fin tekst! Er det melodi til den?

  2. Ikkje foreløpig:-) Berre ein idè som nok må bearbeidast litt dersom det skal bli ein song.


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